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Alton Property Management Ltd
PO BOX 6047
WS14 4GF

Tel: 01543 442114

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Company Reg: 644625
VAT No. 89 23 21 813

Registerd Office Address:
19 Maney Corner
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B72 1QL

Charges and Fee Tariffs applicable to tenants of Alton Property Management Ltd
March 2004

No charge is made for submitting a reminder to you periodically. However, in the face of continually increasing expense we can no longer provide certain voluntary services for no charge. In an effort to help defray our expenses the following charges will be applicable either in the event of the default of a tenant or for a particular requested service. The default charges are in lieu of our rights when accepted but do not oblige us to do or refrain from doing or taking any particular step.
Voluntary Service Fee
Rent Reminder
Providing a reminder of rent due at appropriate time

Purchase Quotation
Providing a no-obligation non statutory quotation for the sale of our interest or the clients interest in a property
For providing a duplicate receipt of payment of ground rents etc

For faxing this


For receipting a notice of transfer or Mortgage
First Notice
Extra Notices served at same time
This is in lieu of rather than in addition to any fee referred to in the lease for giving notice.
For considering or approving an insurer pursuant to your lease terms (once only payment) per approval

For waiving an insurance requirement contained in your lease (so allowing you the choice of insurer)
(Or a one-off payment of £150)


£25 per annum
For considering a plan of a proposed extension/alteration to your home
(minimum charge)
(NB - A fee may be payable to our surveyor/solicitor in certain cases)
For providing a copy of your lease or other document:
For the first document
For each supplied thereafter (on the same property)
For confirming or providing evidence of the Landlords title to a property
For amending name or address of tenant (other than on sale)

For arranging payment of rent, by standing order (once only fee)

£ 7

Default Charges Fee
Tenant Indemnity
Fee for ascertaining identity or address of tenant or mortgage lender other than when proper notice is given

Fee for obtaining payment of rent and fees from third party including mortgage lender


Fee for re-presenting cheque not honoured on first presentation

Fee for considering a request to assign/Mortgage or sub-let a lease
Fee for granting a formal license to assign

(Legal costs may be payable in addition)
* All fees are clear of Value Added Tax
** Where consent is not needed
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