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Alton Property Management Ltd
PO BOX 6047
WS14 4GF

Tel: 01543 442114

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Company Reg: 644625
VAT No. 89 23 21 813

Registerd Office Address:
19 Maney Corner
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B72 1QL

Alton Property Management Ltd specialise in ownership and management of Freehold and Leasehold Ground Rents and Chief Rents secured on houses and flats throughout England and Wales. This website is intended mainly for the benefit of our tenants and their advisors and we hope that you will find the informationt helpful.

Are you interested in buying the Freehold of your property?

If you woud like to purchase the Freehold of the Leasehold of your property you can download the relevant Application Form by clicking here. Because of the cost of providing this information we make a nominal charge of £40-00 which is fully refundable against the purchase price, if you decide to proceed. Completing the Application Form does not commit you to go ahead. When we receive your application we will consid it and respond either by post or email confirming the terms. Unfortunately we cannot give price indications by telephone. If you decide to go ahead we will ask you for a non-refundable depositt of £300-00 (which will be set against the purchase price) and the name of your Solicitor. The procedure is quick and simple and the benefits of buying the freehold of your home include:

You will no longer have to pay ground rent.
The value of your home is likely to be increased by at least the amount of the cost of buying the Freehold.
You will have certainty of ownership for the future and your home will be more attractive when you come to sell it.
(Please note we do not own or manage the freehold of all our properties but if you pay rent to us you will still need to purchase our interest eventually. We will provide fuller details on request)

Are you thinking of selling, mortgaging or letting your home? If so, you will probably need our consent.

Many of the Leases of the properties we own contain Clauses prohibiting the transfer or subletting or mortgaging of the property without our consent. If this is applicable to you and you wish to sell, mortgage or sublet your property you will first need to complete our Application Form and return it to us with the fee payable. The Form can be downloaded by clicking here. When we receive it we will consider your request and will email or post to you the terms upon which any consent will be given. If the Application is approved the formal consent we provide should be kept safely with your private papers.

Do you wish to extend or alter your house?

Most of the Leases of the properties we own or manage contain a Clause preventing any alterations or extensions without our or consent. This is to ensure that some control is maintained over the properties which we or our clients own. Provided that the proposal is reasonable and will enhance the value of the property and will not affect any of our adjoining tenants or their properties, we will invariably give our consent to an Application. To consider this you must download the appropriate Application Form by clicking here and return it to us together with the fee payable and a copy of the Planning Consent and or Building Regulation Approval applicable to the alteration or extension. We will consider your Application and respond by email or post as appropriate.

Do you want a copy of your last Ground Rent Receipt?

We do not issue receipts for the payment of Ground Rent because the cost is prohibitive. However, when you sell or mortgage your property you will have to prove that the Ground Rent is paid up to date. The liability for the Ground Rent is always that of the current tenant no matter for what period the rent relates. If you require evidence of payment of the Ground Rent we can provide this upon payment of a fee of £20.00 for this service. Please email us by clicking here with your request.

Our Pricing Policy

As owners or managers of a large portfolio of properties we have to make charges for some of the services which we provide. Some of our services are free eg: Sending a rent reminder when the rent falls due for payment. However, there are many other services which we provide at our discretion and you can view our price list by clicking here. This list includes the regular activities we are asked to provide to our tenants and their Legal Advisors but it is not exhaustive. If the service you require is not listed, please contact us by email or telephone and we will assist.

How to contact us

Our full contact details can be found on the left hand side of this page but you can also email us by clicking here.

We hope that the information contained in this website is helpful to you and your advisor and we always welcome your feedback if you think there are ways that we can improve our service to you.

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