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Service Fees

Our clients, that is to say the investment owner, covers our costs for collecting the ground rent payable under the lease of your property. Our clients do not charge for submitting a reminder by email, as required by law.

Certain other services which do not benefit our client are provided for at the tenant’s or leaseholder’s expense. Here’s a list of the more popular services we provide but if the service is not listed, please contact the office and we will be happy to help.

You can pay for fees by clicking the link next to each service.

Payment Link

Make A Ground Rent Payment

£ Varies

Providing A Ground Rent Receipt By Email


Receipting 1st Notice of Charge of Owner / Lender


Receipting 2nd Notice Served At The Same Time


Providing Consent To Assign Lease, Or To Approve It For Subletting


Providing Copy Lease / Document


Providing Copy Of The Registered Title


Answering Landlord Enquiries (LPE1) (No Service Charge)


Answering Landlord Enquiries (LPE1) (Service Charge Payable)


Registering Name Changes


Collecting Rent From Lender Owing To Non Payment


Providing Consent To Mortgage The Property


Application For Consent To Carry Out Alterations Or Extension To Your Property


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